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Dutch Air Manoeuvre Brigade

Concerning the brigade:

11 Air Manoevre Brigade is an unique entity within the Dutch armed forces. It is a cooperation bond of the Tactical Helicopter Group of the Royal Airforce and 11 Airmobile Brigade (Air Assault) of the Royal Army. These two entities can operate separately, but preferably together. Their fully integrated operations form a force multiplier (in that case one add one is not two, but three).

The last years much work has been done to fully integrate operations of 11 Airmobile Brigade (Air Assault) and the Tactical Helicopter Group into an well oiled machine.
In October 2003 the brigade, in a large-scale exercise, has shown that it is an effective force in the hands of the government. The brigade is pre-eminently suitable for missions in hotspots all over the world. The brigade can be committed in peace operations, but also in anti-terrorism operations, armed conflicts of full war.

The brigade, approximately 4500 man strongly, is a unique unit because air manoeuvre ground units, fully integrated with transport and attack helicopters can be put into action under all thinkable circumstances. This tight form of cooperation is only possible when operations are trained intensively by day and night.